Terms Of Sale


We accept most forms of payment. Your non-refundable deposit will reserve your pick until pup is ready to be picked up or shipped. Picks are reserved in the order that deposits are received. When your deposit is received you will be notified, will receive a receipt and your name will be added to the Pick List of your choice. 

Puppy pictures will be posted after birth and updated every few weeks to show progress.    

Puppies start shipping out around 8-9 weeks of age. Buyer pays shipping costs. We go to great lengths when it comes to shipping and will contact you with shipping info. Its very important to reply.  SHIPPING: WE ONLY USE THE BEST GROUND SHIPPERS AND FLIGHT NANNY’S for all our shipping needs. They take excellent care of the our pups. Shipping cost is based on location for door to door service OR Flight nanny’s .

HEALTH CERTIFICATE: Where most kennels make you pay extra for your pup’s exam and health certificate, BkBullies includes this as part of your puppy purchase.. We don’t charge you for this..  ~ If you live in the south you may consider picking up your puppy. This will save shipping charges  Deposits/Payments are non-refundable for any reason. If you can’t live with this, don’t make a deposit. If you make a deposit/payment on a breeding/puppy and we’re not able to provide a pup from that litter, your deposit and any money paid will transfer to another comparable breeding. Please remember to stay in contact with us before and after your puppy is born.  Bkbullies doesn’t guarantee a certain color or size in any litter. Please keep this in mind when making a deposit.   Your pup will be paid in full by 6 weeks of age. If balance is not paid after a reasonable amount of time any/all money paid is forfeited (unless we’ve spoke and reached an agreement). If you make a deposit and we don’t hear from you by time to ship, we will assume that you’ve changed your mind and pup will be relisted for sale.  We will not hold puppies  You lose your deposit. However, if you need additional time just let us know ahead of time and we will work with you *  NO PUPPY WILL LEAVE OUR FACILITY UNLESS PAID IN FULL, NO EXCEPTIONS….

You have 72 hours after receipt to have your pup vet checked for health defects. Defects include murmurs and such. You must provide proof from a licensed vet stating/describing the defect in order to receive an exchange. After 72 hours we will not be held responsible. NO EXCEPTIONS!  We do not guarantee against common dog/breed issues which can be treated by your vet at your expense.  We provide exchange only. (NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES) Exchange will be from another litter (we agree upon) of Equal Value or you can choose a higher priced puppy providing you pay the difference. In such event buyer will get best pick available at the time. (all shipping at buyers expense).  We do our best to ensure your puppy comes to you healthy, happy and well socialized. Bkbullies reserves the right to repossess any dog/pup if there is evidence of improper care or treatment.  You as buyer must agree to provide your puppy with a loving home. At no time should a Bkbullies Puppy be placed in a harmful or illegal situation. You are getting a pup lovingly bred for companionship, please give him plenty of love and attention.  IMPORTANT Note: Bkbullies retains the right to first choice on litters before any public picks are made.  

After your purchase you may always contact us concerning your puppy. Also, updated photos are always welcome! We are confident you will be more than satisfied with your Bkbullies Puppy!

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These are our terms of sale. THEY ARE NOT DEBATABLE… If you have any questions please ask. By making your deposit/payment you are thereby bound to the terms set by Bkbullies. 

XXL/XL American Bully Breeders in the Sanford Florida – Bkbullies is a family oriented business whose primary focus is to produce top quality American Bullies who are family-friendly, health tested and demonstrate a balanced drive, structure, and temperament. All of our dogs are ABKC or Duel registered registered with UKC. We have over 20 years of experience working with dogs including; grooming, training and breeding.  We also offer Stud Services.  Have a question about puppies or interested in using our studs? Contact us by email: bkbullies6387@gmail.com or Phone: 954-756-5479